How Many Computers Can QuickBooks Be Installed On?

QuickBooks is one of the highest used accounting software for storing all data in a convenient, easier and faster way for both middle and small business. If your company has a large number of employees and you want to operate to QuickBooks at the same time, you can simply install multiple computers for the multiple users. It is designed in such a way to keep track of all business data and manages company finances accurately with required details.This feature has been made for such people who use one desktop along with one portable computer but it can also be QuickBooks used on two desktops with the same license. Especially, It is useful for freelance bookkeepers or accountants because it allows for portability and an additional source of file backup.

“How Many Computers Can QuickBooks Be Installed On?”

Terms and condition for single or multiple computers in QuickBooks

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  • Single User computer

Your software allows you to work on two computers if you bought a single-user license for

QuickBooks accounts. This allows you to work at the office in one system and at home on

another system. The only terms attached to it is that you can run both the system

separately, which means only one at the time.

  • Multi-User computer

Basically, the right to install multi-user simultaneously provided a license to five system for

around five users. You can also install QuickBooks for the sixth computer which is solely

used as a data host and multi-user server.

  • Add-Ons Multi-User

You have to purchase an additional license to if more user wants to access QuickBooks

simultaneously. By buying additional licenses the user or system can be increased up to 30.

This installation allows you to grow in the middle company and achieve a different level of

success in the competitive market. But these facilities are provided only in some selected

editions like January 2013, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, and the

Accountant Edition of QuickBooks Enterprise

  • Additional Consideration if required:

Sometimes, you might exceed the uses permitted by the license you bought. In such

circumstances, it might get an error text like more users not allowed or more users are

trying to operate the company data. This issue can also appear if you have not updated the

upgraded version or levels of license. To keep the number of users fixed and accurately, the

only way out to solve the issue is to press “F2”, which will showcase the real-time product

information and total user and the total license is shown in the screen. If you need to add

more users, go to “Help” menu, select “Manage My License” and choose “Buy Additional

User License.”

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