How to Undo Transactions in QuickBooks?

All the records in the business are of fluidity nature. There can be various changes in the invoices and records that needs to be properly checked and maintained. There may also be various unplanned situations like shipments from vendors might not work, checks by customers might the bounced or payments through credit card might not work. Fortunately, intuit has solution that allows user to void/delete transactions to make your QuickBooks error-free every time.

QuickBooks Accounting Software is a very well and technically advanced software but may face issue/errors due to third-party software/application intervention. We suggest you get in touch with us via our all-time available connectivity channels.

To undo in QuickBooks, you are to go through the set of instruction that we are providing below. If you are using QuickBooks Desktop Version, all past reconciliation can be undo in just one step. If it is QuickBooks Online Bank Reconciliation, you need to un-reconcile separately from the register.

If bank statement doesn’t match with QuickBooks balance sheet in terms of following time of position or time. To fix the error that has occurred onto your system, we suggest you un-reconcile your QuickBooks before fixing issue.

Steps to undo in QuickBooks:

How to undo in QuickBooks

  • At first, in the left menu, select Banking.
  • After that, on the top, click on Banking.
  • Now, from the top, click on the account.
  • Now, in the action column, click on Go to Register/Account History.
  • After that, identify the transaction that you want to reconcile. Start reconciliation process – one at a time.
  • Now, see R tab on the top of the transaction line, the line is exactly between Deposit and Amount or it is between Payment or Charge amount.
  • After that, to get the permission to change the transaction status, click on the desired field = click on C – Cleared to reconcile.
  • Now, select Save.
  • After that, you will see the popup.

Our Website is available with all the information and solution measures that you may need to restore your software to its original state.  For more information on how to Undo Transaction in QuickBooks, connect with our technical support team via QuickBooks Chat Support, send us email on our official e-mail address or you can call us on our all-time available Technical Support Toll-Free Number. Our QuickBooks proadvisor Support will respond to your connectivity mode with all handy solution methods and information. We use remote access method access to provide you all assistance related to QuickBooks.

How to Fix Item Receipts in QuickBooks?

If you sell QuickBooks products to businesses or public, you need to keep check on the receipts of the transaction. You also need to have record of the receipts or items from the vendors you do purchase of the items. With the help of QuickBooks, you can now enter sales invoices and item receipts to make them handy for tax payers and specifically to answer customer queries. If there occur any error in the invoices and receipts that you enter in QuickBooks, it is comparatively simple to solve.

How to Edit Item Receipts in QuickBooks?

How to edit items in QuickBooks

  • Open your QuickBooks software and then select “Vendors,” and then select “Receive Items.”
  • Now, go to the Item Receipts window, select “Find.”
  • Now, in the text box, type the detail as mentioned which includes products purchased and vendors name and then select “Find.”
  • Now, in the search results listedit the item receipt you want to edit, now, select “Go To.” If there is one matching result found in the QuickBooks, go for search information, and open the item receipt.
  • Now, make sure that you do the desired changes. Select “OK.”

How to Edit Sales Receipts?

  • Now, open QuickBooks and then open the receipt you want to edit. All the receipts can be found in customer register or accounts receipts. If the funds are directly deposited to your account, check the account that is associated with the accounts register and sales receipts.
  • To change the transaction, double-click on it.
  • To make the desired changed in invoices and receipts. Select “Save.”

What Assistance Do We Provide?

We are in very comfortable position to provide you all assistance related to QuickBooks, QuickBooks Tools and Features, errors that your software faces and their resolution methods. We provide you complete assistance on all the topics related to QuickBooks Desktop and its editions. Our high-end services to our customers is our priority but it comes after complete research and development, intense training sessions and enhancing proper technical skills. These training sessions don’t let employees face trouble while getting assistance from us. To know more about assistance channels, visit our website for QuickBooks POS Supportto check-out all the details of QuickBooks errors and resolution methods. Else, you can contact us through any of the connectivity channels that we have made available for the convenience of our customers. You can have Live Chat Support Service with our Technical Support Team at any point of time. Call us on our all-time available Toll-Free Number at 1800-865-4183 or send us email on our official e-mail addressinfo.askyourquery@gmail.comand we will get back to you in time as less as possible.

How to repair QuickBooks point of sale if you are using Desktop version?

If you are using QuickBooks desktop and your QuickBooks point of sale along with it then you are already making work a lot easy for you. QuickBooks POS is a physical products tracking software that helps users to monitor each and every item in your stock.

If you are using POS and facing error then it is time to repair Quickbooks Point of sale. There are two option that you can try to fix your QuickBooks POS. Either you can call for repair or simply ask a proadvisor to get your issues fixed.

How to repair QuickBooks point of sale?

If you need support then you can simply try to call our Quickbooks point of sale support at 1800-274-4168. But if you want to repair your POS all by yourself then here are the steps that you would like to follow. Repairing an already existing company file lying within your QB Deskop helps you resolve your software errors.

How to repair QuickBooks point of sale

If you need to alter or modify an existing installed copy of your file then here are the steps you would need to copy.


When following the repairing steps make sure that your QuickBooks POS is not already active, because if so then your Point of sale may not function properly.

  • On your console, squeeze and press the combination of keys that includes Windows + E tab. This will open up your internet explorer.
    • Note: If you are running windows 10 or even 8 or 8.1 then you would need to click on the computer tab.
  • Uninstall the program or if you are using the higher version of your windows then you may even get the icon with the message “Change the program”.
  • Select your type of QB program that you are already using then click to uninstall the software completely.
    • Note: You should always maintain a backup copy of your business files, because otherwise you may end up losing your data.
  • In the POS insertion dialogue box, click next and choose the repair radio tab.
  • Choose the next button and then hit repair.
  • When all done, your QuickBooks POS should be installed successfully.

If your QuickBooks POS doesn’t still work then all you would need to do is get an expert help. It is very important that you update the program when it comes. If you don’t know or is confused over the program update then ask for QuickBooks Update Support then we suggest taking help from experts.