How to Fix QuickBooks Reconciliation Discrepancy?

Many time the user face the issue of Reconciliation Discrepancy on their system while working with QuickBooks accounting software. In this blog we are going to discuss on how to fix reconciliation discrepancy in QuickBooks. This issue is created by alternation to a transaction that has been clear in past account reconciliations.

To find and recognize such alteration can be frustrating and time-consuming. There could be multiple reasons behind this Discrepancy.

  • Arrangement of Reconciliation
  • Transactional past Reconciliation has been added, alteration or deleted.

Fix reconciliation discrepancy with ease.

how to fix reconciliation discrepancy in QuickBooks

In below points, we are describing some easy and useful resolutions to fix QuickBooks Reconciliation Discrepancy. QuickBooks software offers them many reports which assist to recognized reconciliation discrepancies and fix transactions.

Reports of Reconciliation Discrepancy

  • Report on Missing Checks
  • Report of Transaction Detail

It fully depends on the cause. They can follow these steps to resolve the steps to fix bank reconciliation discrepancies in QuickBooks

Modified or missing transactions

Report of Transaction were added or deleted or an alteration after their last reconcile will impact the starting balance. Multiple reports appropriate QuickBooks Desktop that will assist them identifies the crass and resolves the transactions

  • First of all, from the report choose Banking then click Reconciliation Discrepancy, from the Reports menu.
  • Select the banking and tick on Reconciliation Discrepancy from the reports menu options.
  • Choose the suitable account and tick on Ok.
  • Reports need to analysis to check discrepancies
  • Reports of Missing Checks: It assists to search absent transactions.
  • Report of Transaction Detail: It also assists to locate a transaction that was modified or changed.
  • Choose the customer reports and select Transaction Detail, from the menu option.

Go into the display tab, choose the following:

a.) Date To.

b.) Date From.

Under the Filters tab, select the following:

a.) Date To.

b.) Date From c.) Last Modified /Entered.

d.) Account.

Arrangement of reconciliation

  • Go into Company menu and Tick on Chart of Accounts.
  • Select and double-tick on the Reconciliation Discrepancy account.
  • If they are not able to identify the transaction in the register that wants to be rectified, they will require untying the past reconciliation just previous to the opening balance is rectified.
  • After the opening balance rectified, they can carry on with reconciling to the latest month ensure the opening balance is rectified for every month. They require assisting in rectifying the opening balance. Reconcile window creation balance is incorrect or zero.

If the user faces the same Error on their system, they can directly call us, in such case; they will get help from their professionals or from QuickBooks Technical Support Team. Their Team comprises all efficient and highly skilled personnel who very professional listen to all the concerns and thus offer an effective resolution so that they won’t face the same error again. To get in connect with us, get associated with us via QuickBooks Live Chat Support or via or QuickBooks Toll-Free Number.