QuickBooks POS Socket Error 10060

QuickBooks POS Socket Error 10060

Like other online accounting software, this software also has some error issues. QuickBooks POS Socket error 10060 is one of the most irritating errors faced by many users. This error usually appears when you unable to complete the payment processing (Via Credit cards or debit cards) in a given time period and you lost the connectivity.  Don’t need to worry about this error; this article covered all possible solution along with its causes. So, you can resolve this error in a minimum time frame.  

In the QuickBooks system, you find many payment options but while doing payment through Credit cards or debit cards in QuickBooks makes sure your connection time are active. Before attempting its solution, one must be sure about the reason otherwise the issue might be getting more critical.

The main Roots of this error are listed below,

  • Improper connection or less network connectivity
  • Anti-virus or any security software may block your connectivity
  • EFT server issues appear

Steps for fix the QuickBooks POS Socket Error 10060 to resolve this error?

Here, you get all possible solution which helps to settle this issue

Troubleshooting Guide 1: Check the socket linked with the following steps:

  • First of all, you have to check and assure about the socket connectivity
  • Make sure that all wires are connected accurately
  • After that, look over the connections and check whether the issue is resolved or not

Troubleshooting Guide 2: Turn off your ant-virus or check the current ant-virus status 

  • In the first step, you have to deactivate your anti-virus software
  • Attempt the transaction process again and check it fixes your issue or not 
  • If your transaction completed without any intervention then the issue is fixed
  • But if it still appears then you have to check what is the reason due to which this error occurs repeatedly.

Troubleshooting Guide 3: To fix this error, you have to resolve the utilization of multiple workstations processing 

  • Firstly, open the QuickBooks and then open the Edit Menu
  • Go to the Preferences and choose the “Company” option 
  • Moving forward and choose the “Communication Setup” section
  • Now, drop your click at the “Use this computer for all credit card and debit transaction” option and tick marked 
  • Make sure about the above step and click on the Save button
  • After that, close the present window and then open the Point of Sale
  • Again, open the Tools menu and then choose “User Information
  • Now, You have to find the WS-EFT server is currently present underneath the workstations
  • After finding this option, you can process the card and you are all resolved with this error.

Troubleshooting Guide 4: To get rid of this error, you have to make a New Data File

  • Firstly, open the file menu and then click on the “Select Company data
  • From the drop-down menu, you have to choose the New
  • Now, you have to type Test in the given field and enter your identity into the new data file
  • Jump to the Edit menu and then hit the click on the “Choose Preferences
  • Choose the “Click on a Company” option 
  • After that, go to the Merchant services and enter all required details 
  • To save all filled data, click on the Save button 
  • Pick the Tools menu and click on the “User Information” button
  • At last, open the POS and attempt the card processing again

Wind-up words!

This information fixes all connection issues to resolve the QuickBooks POS Socket Error 10060. So, you can make your transaction without any interruption. I hope, the information was useful for you. In any case, if your transaction process shows the pending status then no need to worry, deducted payment will update in your account as soon as possible. For more queries, you can approach the QuickBooks helpdesk.

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