PS033 error: QuickBooks can’t read your payroll setup files

QuickBooks offers an impressive series of features to manage business accounting. With an extended list of good features, one among them is its direct integration with Payroll. With QuickBooks Payroll, users can now easily manage business needs, taxes, payments, and many more.

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Sometimes, while trying to download Payroll Update or access the company file, you may encounter with an error message displayed on the screen. This error is common term as Error PS033.

PS033 error QuickBooks can't read your payroll setup files

PS033 error QuickBooks can’t read your payroll setup files

When Error PS033 occurs on your screen, it may mean that the file in the CPS folder is damaged. This kind of error will cause you so many problems and you may also lose some of your important information and data. Hence, it is always important and advised to take quick precaution, when encountered with such errors.

This article aims to offer you with proper information about the causes of the error and also provide you with effective measures to take if you encounter with PS033 error: QuickBooks can’t read your payroll setup files.


One of the common reasons for Error PS 033 is when the CPS Folder contains a damaged file. As a result, the user is unable to download the latest payroll update and open the company file. Other reasons may include:

  1. Inactivated Payroll subscription
  2. Damaged QuickBooks Data
  3. You have not applied to the latest product update
  4. Used of incorrect Service Key
  5. The Identification Number (EIN) may be incorrect or invalid in the company file
  6. An incorrect or invalid PSID in the company file
  7. When QuickBooks Desktop is incompatible with the Windows Version
  8. Deactivated Payroll subscription
  9. Issue payment-related or not in use.

How can you fix the PS033 error: QuickBooks can’t read your payroll setup files?

Go through the given steps and carefully follow steps to fix Error PS033:

  1. To fix the error you can first attempt to update QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table. You can contact QuickBooks Support to receive proper a guide for updating Tax Table.
  2. Once the update is completed check whether the issue is solved or not. If the error still continues, follow the next step
  3. Locate your system location
  4. QB refers to the edition year like 2016, 2017, or 2018
  5. Rename the CPS folder to CPSOLDand verify whether the problem solved, if not
  6. Attempt to update the Payroll Tax Table again. Then see if the problem is solved if it still persists
  7. Attempt to disable the User Account Control (UAC). Follow the steps to do so:

These steps are applicable for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10

  • Press on the Windows + R key on the keyboard
  • Go to Run and enter Control Panel and then click on Ok
  • Select the User Accounts
  • Open Change in the User Account Control Settings
  • Now, click on the Never Notify option

If the problem is not solved by following the given steps call us on Our QuickBooks 24/7 Technical Support Number 1800-865-4183.stating your problem or any other QuickBooks related query. You can also contact us via Quickbooks online Live Chat Support available on our Website.

What is error-15 on a file conversion to Mac?

QuickBooks accounting software is designed in a way that the user can easily work on it. It is available for MAC as well as Microsoft Windows. The user can easily work on MAC but there could be chances that they face some technical errors. These QuickBooks errors can be classified as syntax errors, logic errors and run time errors. Most of the time error arises when the user try to convert a file to MAC.

“For more information the user can contact on QuickBooks 24/7 Customer Support Number.”

QuickBooks Error 15

The user usually gets the error when they are using both MAC system and windows. At this moment, the user requires to convert one file to another file. During the transferring the file data, it could be possible that company file gets converted to the MAC format as result an error message will be display on their system. In some condition the data file also not assist the user and the system may still encountered the error. So it’s is compulsory the resolve the error as soon as possible.

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How resolve the QuickBooks Error 15?

If the user encountered this error, they can follow the resolution steps into below steps to resolve this. All these resolution steps are recommenced by QB expertise which will support the user in resolving their QuickBooks Error 15.

Resolution 1:

  • Go into file menu option and choose the Utilities.
  • Choose the option and copy the company file for QuickBooks MAC.
  • Select the desktop or any other portion on their computer C:\drive to save their exported file.
  • Tick on Save.

Resolution 2: Run the Utility Rebuilt:

  • Now the user needs to open the QuickBooks software on their system.
  • Tick on the QuickBooks File menu.
  • Go into Utilities option and click on Rebuilt data.
  • The system will receive a dialog box with a prompt and it will pop a message to create a backup for their system file.
  • Tick on Ok button.
  • Add Employee Identification Number (EIN) to QuickBooks Company File
  • All theses process could take time and they may also a see a message display on the system as QuickBooks is not responding. If the cursor is moving it indicates that their backup process is running and they should wait until the process is completed.
  • Tick on Ok button and as message will be visible on the system, “Rebuilt has finished and proceeds with the next step.

Resolution 3: Verify Utility run on the system:

  • Open file menu option and choose the verify data under Utilities.
  • Tick on Ok as the user will see this message. QuickBooks detected no issue with their data.
  • Now the user can use their company file without any concern.

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Contact Intuit:

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These above resolution are provided by the QuickBooks Technical Support  Team and it wills instantly solved their QuickBooks Error -15. If the user has same error on their system, they can get in touch with our technical team. The can call on our customer support toll free number Dial +1800-865-4183 . Email of live chat support QuickBooks is another alternative way to connect with us.

How to Set Up a 1099 Quickbooks Desktop

How to Set Up a 1099 Independent Contractor Vendor in QuickBooks Desktop

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a 1099 independent contractor vendor in QuickBooks Desktop.

Important Note:
The Print 1099s/1096 option appears only in one condition i.e. when you activate the 1099 miscellaneous feature in QuickBooks Desktop.

Step by Step process to create a 1099 independent contractor vendor in QuickBooks Desktop

How to Set Up a 1099 Quickbooks Desktop

How to Set Up a 1099 Quickbooks Desktop

Step 1:
Turn on the 1099-MISC feature:

Step 1.1:
Select Edit> Preferences.

Step 1.2:
Choose Tax: 1099 on the left.

Step 1.3:
Select the Company Preference tab.

Step 1.4:
Next to do you file 1099-MISC forms? Choose Yes.

Step 1.5:
Select OK to save the preference.

Step 2:
To add a new vendor:

Step 2.1:
Choose Vendors > Vendor Center.

Step 2.2:
Click the New Vendor drop-down arrow and select New Vendor.

Step 2.3:
In the Vendor Name field, enter the name of the vendor as you’d like it to appear on your Vendors list. For example, in case the vendor is an individual and you list individuals by last name first, that’s how you should enter the name.

Step 2.4:
On each tab, enter information as needed.

Step 2.5:
You can edit the vendor to add more information later.

Step 2.6:
Click OK.

Step 3:
Set up vendors to receive Form 1099-MISC.

Step 4:
Set up an expense account for vendor payments.

SourceQuickBooks Desktop Support: for update help @ Dial 1800-865-9170

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QuickBooks pro importer

Transaction Pro Importer gives you the ability to Import transactions, lists, credit card and bank statements from various file sources including Excel, text, quicken, Access and most ODBC databases.

Features of Transaction Pro Importer

Reduce Manual Data Entry Work

The Transaction Pro Importer enables you to easily import QuickBooks lists or transactions from any Excel, text file like a CSV or tab delimited file, Quicken, Access, Microsoft Money or any database that supports ODBC. Importer encourages all import types from invoices, sales receipts, bill, checks, price levels and much more. Easily configurable field level mapping provides you complete flexibility and control in importing your data. Transaction Pro will also enable you to edit your data prior to transferring it into QuickBooks.

Easy Wizard Based Import

Do you want an easy way to carry your transactions or lists into QuickBooks? The Transaction Pro Importer is an exclusive solution you’ve been searching for. Wizard interface guides you with simple step-by-step directions and field-level mapping of your data. You can Quickly import data virtually from any source as QuickBooks lists or transactions.

Number of Import Options Available

Transaction Pro Importer has sufficient powerful import options available of any import tool. These include cross-reference features, ability to create new list items on the fly, auto assign transaction numbers, skip or replace transactionsimport custom fields, e-Commerce options, and many more. Additionally, our mapping screen enables using default values or simple formulas to fill in field values.

Flexibility in Mapping

With our flexible mapping, you are allowed to either map to a column from your import file or you can provide a default value or a formula. Multiple mapping options are available which include the ability to map to the columns in the import file and save unlimited map files and load for each transaction type.

Strong Pre validation Pre-Import

Strong validation before import will completely eliminate all data validation errors while importing the file into QuickBooks. Transaction Pro Importer will review all your data pre-import to ensure that none of the data has exceeded the field lengths in QuickBooks. It will also checks fields to be in the proper format like date, number etc. You can view how your data will be matched to the QuickBooks fields on the top of the screen.

Item Settings Screen

In case you are importing transactions and there exists an item in your import file that does not exist in QuickBooks, Transaction Pro Importer trhen you can create the new item for you. In case the item already exists in QuickBooks Transaction Pro Importer then it will use the existing type and accounts on that item.

Benefits Of Transaction Pro Importer

  • Import Lists and Transactions into QuickBooks easily.
  • Impressive Options Available on Tabbed Options Screens.
  • Save the failed transactions easily or enter it manually.
  • Easy mapping of columns in to import files.
  • Save unlimited map files and load for each transaction type.
  • Save time with reduction in manual data entry work.
  • Automatic addition of new customers, jobs, vendors, items and classes while importing transactions.
  • Easily send the default value to a QuickBooks field.

Managing your business is no longer complicated with our exclusive QuickBooks cloud hosting solution and integration of Method:CRM, which enables you scalable growth with effortlessness. In spite of keeping you busy in management, our solution helps you focusing more on the growth by maintaining the client base. The solution gives you complete control over your business and you find zero complexity while running the business.

If you are looking for the any kind of solution that’s fits your business properly. Call us at 1-800-865-4183 our technical support team QuickBooks.

How to Register QuickBooks

Follow the steps given below : register QuickBooks

Step 1:

Press F2 in QuickBooks Desktop to view the Product Information on the screen. Look at the top it will display REGISTERED if you have already registered your QuickBooks Desktop.

Step 2:

In case you still need to register, follow the given steps.

Register QuickBooks Desktop

You will be required to register QuickBooks Desktop once you have installed it. In case you have multiple copies of QuickBooks Desktop, you should register each copy. In case you have installed QuickBooks Desktop on a new computer, you will be required to register again.

Step 1:

Cross Check whether QuickBooks Desktop has already been registered by pressing F2.

Step 2:

In case your QuickBooks is UNREGISTERED, select Register QuickBooks from the Help menu.

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Important Note:

  • In keeping with Intuit’s discontinuation plan for older products, discontinued products cannot be registered for the first time. You may like to re-register discontinued products when they have been registered previously and are being reinstalled.
  • You need to follow the steps above and select the Phone option. Assisted support for discontinued products is no more available. In case you have a discontinued product, we recommend that you upgrade your version of QuickBooks Desktop.

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QuickBooks Hosting service provider of QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise versions. Guaranteed 99.99% uptime and 24X7 free of cost support Dial 1800-865-4183 enable CPAs, accountants and business owners with anytime, anywhere, multi-device access capabilities.

Error: -6000, -77 when opening a company file

When opening to organizational file, most of the users encounter Quickbooks Error code -6000, -77, which creates hurdle in the work environment.  This is an error that can happen when trying to open an organizational file. The 6000,- 77 can occur due to several reasons like error text can also be encountered while installing software, while you are working in  Intuit Inc-associated software like QuickBooks, some junk file generated at the time of Windows startup or closing, or may be when installation of the Windows operating system.

Possible reasons for 6000 77 Error:

  • The company file is positioned on external media and not in a local and network drive
  • When you are trying to start QuickBooks organizational file by referencing a recorder drive
  • Anti-virus security software might also create a constraint in interface while working in QuickBooks in multi-user type
  • Incorrect folder permission in which the organizational file is located

Resolution: To solve QuickBooks errors -6000,-77

Solution I: Download & “Restart the QuickBooks file Doctor”

To fix the errorcode -6000, -77& to fix the data file on your network with the aid of using or opening the downloading processes QuickBooks File Doctor is vital.

Solution II: Rename the .TLG files and .ND files

.ND and .TLG is an arrangement file that permits QuickBooks Desktop to operate the organizational files on a network in a multi-user approach. Damaged or crushed .ND or .TLG files can generate errors when opening QuickBooks Desktop. Renaming these files will keep your files protected since these are automatically regenerated when you open the organizational file.

  1. Open the folder where the company file is located
  2. Verify if there is another file with the same file name as your organizational file by using extensions .ND and .TLG
  1. Right-click the .ND/.TLG file and then choose Rename from the list. After that, put the word “.old” after the file extension and click enter

Solution III: Instead of the mapped drive, use UNC path

  1. Right-click in the QuickBooks icon, press Ctrl key+ Run as Administrator. Keep on holding the Ctrl key until the company file appears in the
  2. Go to File menu > choose Restore Company or OpenOpen an organizational file > and click Next.
  3. In the left side of the panel, press Network, and navigate to the folder location of company> Choose the organizational file and press Open

Solution IV: Regenerate corrupted folder

  1. Generate a fresh folder on the C drive
  2. Open the folder from the location where the organizational file is kept
  3. Position the .qbw file. For Example: company_file.qbw
  4. Right-click on the .qbw file and choose Copy
  5. Paste the file after Opening the new folder
  6. Configure the access to multiple users within the company
  7. Restart QuickBooks Desktop and from the new location, open the company files

Contact for further information:

quickbooks error 6000, 77

Hope this article proved helpful for you to restore the error incorporated with QuickBooks error code -6000,-77 when opening a company file. But if you still yearning for more information and instantaneous support for QuickBooks errors, then you can straight away connect with our technical professional. The experts involved are knowledgeable and highly skilled in any issues encountered in accounting software.

They have the capacity to assist the users and provide the best solution for every single query, doubt, and errors. Also, these experts will offer you the best elucidations needed to resolve the error. To get in touch with our technical member you can undertake various medium. Either you can directly call at our helpline number 1800-865-4183 or you can connect via QuickBooks online chat support or Live Chat Support.

How To Set Up Fringe Benefits In QuickBooks.

How To Set Up A Taxable Fringe Benefit Payroll Item In QuickBooks
Here are the details

Step 1 –
In the QuickBooks menu which is at the top, click on Lists > Payroll Item List.

Step 2 –
At the lower left of the Payroll Item List, click on the Payroll Item button then select New.

Step 3 –
now, select Custom Setup.

Step 4 –
Select Company Contribution or Addition, and then click on Next.

How to set up fringe benefits in quickbooks

How to set up fringe benefits in quickbooks

A Company Contribution item adds the value of the fringe to that has to be taxed but not increase the paycheck net pay, an Addition item adds the value of the fringe that has to be taxed and will increase net pay.

Step 5 –
Now enter a name for the item, for e.g., ‘Auto Compensation – Personal Use,’ then click on Next.

Source: QuickBooks Payroll Item 24/7 Hour Service By Intuit Support.

Step 6 –
Choose an expense and liability accounts from the drop-down menu, then click on Next.

Step 7 –
From Tax Tracking Type dropdown menu, select the Fringe Benefits and click on Next.

Step 8 –
Now, click on Next twice and this will bypass the ‘Calculate based on quantity’ window.

Step 9 –
If the amount will be a set amount, then enter the default rate in the first section of the Limit Type window.

Step 10 –
If there is a limit on the item, then enter the amount in the second section of the Limit Type window, click on Finish.

Call us at: 1800-865-4183.

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QuickBooks Batch Invoice

If it is yes, then you will save a lot of time on invoicing by using its Batch Invoicing feature. Basically, there are just three basic steps involved in the Batch Invoicing:

  1. Creating a billing group involves naming the group, assigning customers and/or jobs.
  2. Selecting the line items & rates for the batch invoices.
  3. Reviewing the list of invoices to be prepared.

To use Batch Invoicing successfully, you need to make sure that each customer/job has important information in their records, such as Send Method, Terms, and Tax Status. To change these type of items after processing a batch of invoices is quite a daunting task to do.

Using Batch Invoicing

For using Batch Invoicing, you need to open the sample data file. You can use these instructions if you are creating Batch Invoicing with your own data:

Step 1 –

In the menu bar select Customers > Create Batch Invoices.

If a warning message appears – Is Your Customer Information entered correctly? Then read that provided information. Your success with using Batch Invoicing depends on how well you set up your customer records. That message refers to the following fields that needs to be defined for each customer before creating invoices by using Batch Invoicing feature:-

  •  Customer & Job preferred send method
    ● Customer payment terms
    ● Customer sales tax rates

Step 2 –

Click on OK to dismiss the message for this practice.

Step 3 –

Then, a Batch Invoice dialog box will display. Click on the Billing Group drop-down menu at top right and then select Add New.

Step 4 –

In the Group Name field, type Monthly and then click on Save. If you are creating a Billing Group in your own data, then give a name that is meaningful to your business and then click on Save.

Step 5 –

In the Search Results box, that displays all active jobs, choose few jobs of your choice.

Step 6 –

When you’re creating a Billing Group, then select the Customers or Customer/Jobs you want to issue a recurring invoice for.

Step 7 –

Now, click on Save Group. You can also modify the list of customers or jobs included anytime by going back.

Step 8 –

Click on Next. Then, Step 2 of 3 will appear. Now, leave the ‘Rock Castle’ invoice template selected. Select the invoice template you want to use if you are working with your own data.

Step 9 –

In the Item column, click on Installation.

Step 10 –

Then, in the Quantity column, type 5.

Step 11 –

Leave the Unit of Measure (U/M) field blank.

Step 12 –

QuickBooks will calculate the Amount field and then assigns the Tax status recorded with the item record.

Step 13 –

You can also select or add a new Customer Message.

Step 14 –

Click on Next and then unclick any customers or jobs that you don’t want to invoice at this time.

Step 15 –

Select Create Invoices when you are ready. If any field is displayed blank or show incorrect information, click on Cancel. Now, update the corresponding customer records and return to the Batch Invoicing menu to complete the steps.

Step 16 –

Once you click Create Invoices, then the Batch Summary dialog box will appear. There you can print or email the newly created invoices. If the Preferred Send method was not indicated in the Customer/Job record, then the invoice will be included in the unmarked total.

Hopefully, this blog post helps you easily and swiftly manage multiple invoices for your business utilizing the batch invoicing feature in QuickBooks.

QuickBooks service provider of QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise versions. Guaranteed 99.% uptime and QuickBooks free of cost supports enable CPAs, accountants and business owners with anytime, anywhere, multi-device access capabilities.Dial +800-865-4183 and get support.

How To Fix Reconcile Discrepancies In QuickBooks

When the reconciled transactions that were added, changed, or deleted, then the last reconcile will affect your opening balance. There are various reports available in QuickBooks Desktop that will help you in identifying discrepancies & fix transactions.

Reconciliation Discrepancy Report –

The report shows that the transactions are sorted by statement date that were changed since the last reconciliation.

Step 1 –

In Reports menu, click Banking > Reconciliation Discrepancy.

Step 2 –

Select the appropriate account then click OK.

Step 3 –

Then, review the report to identify any discrepancies.

QuickBooks Support Number

Missing Checks Report –

This report will help you verify missing transactions.

Step 1 –

In the Reports menu, select Banking and click Missing Checks.

 Step 2 –

Select the appropriate account then click OK.

Step 3 –

Review the report for the transactions that don’t match your bank statement.

Transaction Detail Report –

This report will help you verifying the transactions that were changed or modified.

Step 1 –

In the Reports menu, select Custom Reports and click Transaction Detail.

Step 2 – Under the Display tab select the following:-

  • Date From – The earliest QuickBooks date (or leave blank)
  • Date To – The date of last reconciled statement

Step 3 – Under the Filters tab select the following:-

  • Account – The account being reconciled
  • Entered or Last Modified
  • Date From – Date of the last reconcile
  • Date To – Today

Step 4 –

Click on OK to run the report.
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If you are unable to still understand this article and you can’t fix issue. You need any information about this issue Call our QuickBooks Helpline Contact Detail Dial @ +1800-865-4183 get full support.

How to change beginning balance in QuicKBooKs

How to change beginning balance in quickbooks

How to change beginning balance in quickbooks

File extensions used in QuickBooks Desktop

Here are the lists of common file extensions you may confront as you use QuickBooks Desktop. QuickBooks for Windows QuickBooks Working Files File Ext. File type Description *.QBW QuickBooks Company file QBW format is associated with the Intuit QuickBooks software. It use QBW files to store the financial data, letters, logos, templates, and images for … Read More

How to change beginning balance in quickbooks

Commented reports in QuickBooks

QuickBooks 2015 and later allows you to create and share the commented reports with your users. You can follow the following steps to add comments, concerns and the annotations. How to add comments to reports 1 – Open the report and click on the Comment on Report button. 2 – In the Comment on Report window:- Step … Read More

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Tracking Payroll Expenses for Income Tax in QuickBooks

To report the payroll expenses accurately on your income tax forms, you need to set up a separate payroll subaccount for each type of expense that you report. Step 1 – Go to the Lists menu and then click on the Chart of Accounts. Step 2 – Click Account at the bottom of the list and click on the New button. … Read More

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How to Remove Deposited items from Undeposited Funds

In QuickBooks, you may have deposited a customer’s check, then recorded a separate Payment. This will overstate your income because your income is recorded by both Invoice and the Deposit. If the Deposit was in a previous accounting period and cannot be changed, then you can remove the Payment from the Payments to Deposit window. … Read More

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File extensions used in QuickBooks for Backups

The following table describes about the file extensions that QuickBooks uses for backing up the files (creates, imports, or exports). Extension File type Description .IIF Intuit Interchange Format file You can import and export the lists and/or transactions by using the text files with an .IIF extension. .ND QuickBooks Network Data File A configuration file … Read More

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QuickBooks: How to Manage a Bounced Check you Wrote

Step 1 – Enter a reversing journal entry In the Company menu, click on Make General Journal Entries.. Make sure the Date & Entry No. are correct. Debit the checking account for the amount of the NSF check. Credit the A/P account for the amount of the NSF check. Enter the Vendor name. (Optional) You can enter memos … Read More

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How to set up payroll items for officer compensation in QuickBooks

QuickBooks allows you to create more than one salary payroll item so you can track officers’ salaries separately from other salaries. By using separate salary items, you can generate reports showing a breakdown of these payroll items and expenses. Step 1 – First, you have to display the Payroll Item List. Step 2 – Now, click on the … Read More

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How to activate a payroll service purchased from a retail store| QuickBooks

You may have purchased the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll in a box or bought the payroll service from a retail store. In case you are a new user of the service, you need to follow the instructions mentioned in this tutorial to activate the payroll service in QuickBooks Desktop. Step by Step process to activate a … Read More

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Exploring More about Processing a late Payroll in Quickbooks

1.What to do when the user cannot avoid creating a late paycheck? The following things must not be done: You must not give your employee a paper check with an earlier date than the date on the payroll you have transmitted to Intuit. You must not issue a check outside the payroll module. If you … Read More

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An Overview to Process a Late Payroll | QuickBooks

The Customers who are using QuickBooks Desktop Assisted Payroll or Direct Deposit services are supposed to submit payroll 5:00 P.M. Pacific Time at least 2 banking days before the paycheck date. A banking day refers to a banking business day (Monday through Friday) that does not include a Federal Reserve Bank holiday, or a state … Read More


Quickbooks Support Phone Number

Intuit Quickbooks payroll Service phone Number

Quickbooks Enterprise Support Phone Number