How to Fix Item Receipts in QuickBooks?

If you sell QuickBooks products to businesses or public, you need to keep check on the receipts of the transaction. You also need to have record of the receipts or items from the vendors you do purchase of the items. With the help of QuickBooks, you can now enter sales invoices and item receipts to make them handy for tax payers and specifically to answer customer queries. If there occur any error in the invoices and receipts that you enter in QuickBooks, it is comparatively simple to solve.

How to Edit Item Receipts in QuickBooks?

How to edit items in QuickBooks

  • Open your QuickBooks software and then select “Vendors,” and then select “Receive Items.”
  • Now, go to the Item Receipts window, select “Find.”
  • Now, in the text box, type the detail as mentioned which includes products purchased and vendors name and then select “Find.”
  • Now, in the search results listedit the item receipt you want to edit, now, select “Go To.” If there is one matching result found in the QuickBooks, go for search information, and open the item receipt.
  • Now, make sure that you do the desired changes. Select “OK.”

How to Edit Sales Receipts?

  • Now, open QuickBooks and then open the receipt you want to edit. All the receipts can be found in customer register or accounts receipts. If the funds are directly deposited to your account, check the account that is associated with the accounts register and sales receipts.
  • To change the transaction, double-click on it.
  • To make the desired changed in invoices and receipts. Select “Save.”

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