Changing Employees to Vendors in QuickBooks

In QuickBooks, if you want to change your account from vendor to an employee, you have to fix
employee set up to an employee. QuickBooks offers assistance for altering an “Other Names”
category to a vendor, customer or employee. If you are already in the employee record which
you are about to change it, employees to vendor, then firstly delete the original the original employee record.

If the employee has transactions connected with the record, you should then change to inactive. Then, you can create a new vendor using the information from the employee record. In QuickBooks, use the name types to organize the people and businesses connected to the financial account of the business. Using the prerecorded functions, like employee and vendor, offers companies owners with reach to an automated processes, like payroll and payment
transactions with the QuickBooks system. If you have QuickBooks set up to use these roles, you may find at times that you need to change the name type linked with an organization.

Resolution for changing the Employees to vendors in QuickBooks

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Solution I: Modify the name type, if two options are available

  • Delete the existing name and generate again. This is helpful if no transactions available in
    the name.
    . Go to the location where the name currently exists
    . Right-click the desired name and choose Delete.
  • Mark the name inactive and generate again within appropriate name type. Use this
    technique if there are separate transactions with the same name.
  • Go to the file location
  • Right-click the name, and choose inactively
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Solution II: Follow the steps to create the Vendor Record

  • Press “Employees” menu and choose “Employees Centre”
  • Under Vendor, right-click the Employee tab and choose “Delete”/ Put it to Inactive
  • Press “Vendors” in the menu and then “Vendor Centre” or you can either, click the “Vendor” icon
  •  Press “new Vendor”
  • In the vendor name box, mention the required details like name, currency, and balance
    field from the earlier employee record.
  • Press the “Address Info” and choose “Additional Info”. Mention all the required
    information as per the need and consisting of optional default expense account and then
    press “OK”. Close the new vendor tab after the information is saved
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Solution III: Change Employee Transaction
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  • Press “Employees”> then choose “Employee Centre”> Choose “Employees”> and then Select the original Employee file to see all the transactions correlated with the said account.
  • Double-click in each and every transaction that you desire to convert it to the vendor
  • Modify to new vendor name from employee name ‘> click “Click'”> Complete the entire
    procedure > Click okay. If you change all the employees transactions to Vendor as
    required, you can remove the employees if you want.

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